Our company

Our company


Our company was founded in 1952 under the name of Kispesti Elektromos és Finommechanikai KTSZ. After an organisational reshuffling our name was changed to Elektris 2000 Kft in 1993. Our area of business activity: manufacturing of electronical fittings and equipment.
Main products:

  • manufacture of magnetic cores CRGO- from grain oriented sheets (0,005kg-10kg)

  • current transformers

  • toroidal mains transformers

  • boxed mains transformers

  • unique inductance, transformers for request

  • outdoor pressure chamber sound radiators (in explosion proof sound radiators version too)

  • industrial signal and alarm system

  • individual electronics


The dynamic development of our company is due to our numerous satisfied customers. Our priority is always the rapid reaction of market conditions, product improvement and fulfillment of our customer’s requirements.

In our company’s point of view stands the quality and customer’s satisfaction therefore from 1997 we have been operating the quality control system according to ISO 9001.
Quality of the products is guaranteed by measuring each pieces. Our strong points are beyond the series production is the manufacturing of individual products by the shortest deadline that is possible. Our products meet the EU standards, holding Elektris 2000 Kft. - Cégünkről - CE Mark, CE jelzés sign.