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Outdoor pressure chamber sound radiators


We manufacture our pressure chamber sound radiators with metal and plastic horn. The radiators resist the change of the weather. The impedance of the membrance is 4 Ohm. We deliver the the sound radiators with fit transformer 100 Volt line Voltage too. For unique request our company can meet special demand.

Technical parameters:

Type Nominal power Frequency range Sensibility Impedance Protection Weight Size
H5-20F1 (T100) 5-20 VA 0,3-3 kHz 104 dB 4 Ohm IP 55 1,6 kg (1,9 kg) Ø 130 x 220 mm
H5-20C10 (T100) 5-20 VA 0,35-7 kHz 110 dB 4 Ohm IP 55 2,5 kg (2,8 kg) Ø 280 x 320 mm

Characters mean:

Character 1 means: H- sound radiator

Character 2 and 3 mean: Burdening of the sound radiator in Watt.

Character 4 mean: material of horn, F: metalhorn, C: plastichorn

Character 5 mean: size of horn

T100 means: you can order with fitting transformer, number means: line Voltage in Volt.